GROC Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists

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GROC Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists

Winter Fat Bike Riding Etiquette

We recently received some rather bad news from Harriot Hollester Park. Seems that Fat Bikes have been riding on the groomed Nordic Ski Trails. This can cause damage to the groomed trails when they are soft.

Please respect our fellow trail users


Winter Fat Bike Riding Etiquette

NO biking on the groomed Nordic ski trails, if they have groomed tracks or if they are soft

  • Be a good trail citizen. If the conditions cause you to leave ruts that will impede the future health of the trail system, leave the trail – don’t just keep riding because the rules say you can. Spread the word about snow biking, make it fun, keep it safe.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport – stay polite, educate other bikers, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules.
  • Bikes yield to all other users. Use the snow mobile trails as less as possible, be careful of crossings. Cross-country Skiers don’t have brakes, so bikes are responsible for staying out of their way.
  • Packed Snow Mobile Trails are also great for Fat Bikes but be careful

Happy New Year Trail Crew Volunteers!

We hope everyone had an excellent Holiday season and your New Year is off to a great start! Amidst the snow and freezing cold, we here at GROC have been reflecting on all the great work that was accomplished by the Trail Crew last season (check out the link below if you missed our End of Year Meeting). We are very thankful for the time and energy everyone contributed. Your efforts helped create and maintain trails that all users appreciated and enjoyed!  

Looking ahead to the New Year there are some really exciting projects and opportunities that GROC will be involved with. A few of these include…

  • a new connector route between Tryon and BPW that will allow trail users to safely traverse Empire Blvd, once County gets approval to go through City property.
  • Orange Trail Extension will be completed at BPW.
  • Many trails at DRP will continue to get “face lifts”.
  • Work that started late last season on the new Black Trail will continue in Ontario County Park. For those familiar with OCP, the Black Trail will be located below Brown. This is a huge new project that will add miles of sweet singletrack to OCP!

In addition to these projects, GROC has been asked to participate in developing new shared use trails in two more areas, Greece Canal Park, and a park in Perinton. Greece Canal Park has already been approved for shared-use trails, so now we are looking for trail crew from that area to form a team to help design and build trails. Also, the Town of Perinton recently contacted GROC and asked us to join with other trail users to plan and build shared-use trails in one of their parks.  

We also have several future opportunities within the Monroe County Park system on our radar. The master pans for Webster Park, Mendon Ponds Park, and Powder Mills Park are currently up for review and we need your support. Specifically, we need people to come out to public input meetings and be willing to volunteer to build and maintain trail in these parks.

With all of these opportunities available to us, GROC needs more volunteers, especially more dedicated members who are willing to take leadership responsibilities. As many of you know, Trail Crew leaders work out of a park of their choosing and are responsible for organizing volunteers for work parties and also working with land managers as GROC’s representative. What you may not know is that leaders do not need to be experienced trail builders! All you need is a willingness to learn. We will provide training and support as needed. Please spread the word that we are looking for new volunteers and consider bringing a friend or family member out to do some trail work this season. And, if you are interested in a leadership position, please contact GROC, we would love to talk with you!

IF you have interst contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


GROC Trail Crew Leaders



Over the Finish Line – With The Win


Last night the Monroe County Parks Advisory Committee met to review the study done for the Shared-Use trail pilot program in Tryon and West Bay Parks. The report  done by EDR was very thorough and the its conclusion was that shared-use trails had no adverse environmental impact and that the trails have had a positive impact for the two parks.
GROC and the efforts of volunteers were recognized by the PAC community with Dave Rinaldo and Larry Staub  stating how much they appreciate GROC's efforts. Many of the opposition were at the meeting but they did not have much to say.  One even got up and spoke very positively about GROC's work. I have to say that that might be one of the best things out of all of this. GROC and volunteers have been positive and inclusive throughout this process. We not only built trails that we want to ride but ones that all trail users enjoy. We set the example for how sustainable trails can improve the experience for all users while minimizing environmental damage.

The question was asked "so what is the process for other parks and shared-use trails?" Larry Staub said that the process for opening other parks' trails for shared-use will include evaluation and study through the master plan process similar to what was done for Tryon and West Bay.

Larry said the they are hoping GROC will work with the County on Greece Canal Park as that park already has shared-use trails as part of it's recent master plan update. If you live in the Greece area and would like to see shared-use trails in this park, please contact Jonathan Brown. We are looking for a Trail Crew leader to manage this new opportunity.
There are also two more parks currently in master plan review, Mendon Ponds and Webster Park. Please contact Jonathan Brown if you are interested in working on getting shared-use trails in either of these parks.

Thank you to all the people who came to the PAC meeting and for all the work done by hundreds of volunteers. This was a significant effort but the results are wonderful for our parks and the sport we love.

Jonathan Brown
President GROC


10 Years of Building and Maintaining Shared-use Trails

This year GROC turned 10 years old! Our contributions have been publicly recognized several times over the years for the positive impact on the community including awards for volunteer work from Genesee Valley Recreation and Park Society and the Rochester Parks Society. We also received an award from Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks for asset building in the community. We have received two proclamations from the Monroe County Legislature recognizing GROC's efforts in the community and the improvements to our local parks. The second proclamation was presented on 11/14/2014 by legislators Dan Quatro and Debbie Drawe at full meeting of the Monroe County Legislature.

This year we became an IMBA Chapter, one of only a few in this region. Being an IMBA Chapter provides GROC additional credibility and more opportunity to develop and maintain shared-use trails. Anthony Duncan, IMBA's Mid-Atlantic Regional Director spent a few days with us recently and helped present a sustainable trail building seminar at Ontario County Park. GROC contacted other trail organizations and local land managers and invited them to attend. Despite the cold weather and snow, we had a good number of participants join us for the event.


Where we have been?

A look back to where we started and a review of all the work and time invested by our volunteers really inspires us to continue our efforts. GROC can only exist with participation of the community. We have put a significant number of hours into our local parks over the last 10 years and have brought shared-use trails to Monroe County Parks for the very first time. The Ellison Parks Master Plan was the fight that changed the conversation and the trail work we have done since has proven that the off-road cycling community is a significant resource. GROC has contributed over $250,000 dollars in volunteer hours since 2008.

Check out this 2014 Year in Review for the stats and the value of what our volunteers have done since 2008:



Where can we go?

GROC has a tremendous amount of opportunity. There are 21 Monroe County Parks yet today only 2 are designated for shared-use. In order to begin the process of opening more parks, GROC needs to organize around the County's Master Plan process. There are three park master plans currently being developed. These include Webster Park, Mendon Ponds Park and Powder Mills Park. There have already been some public-input meetings and there will be more in the future. We would all love to see more parks open but trail access comes at a cost. The cost is in leaders and volunteers to build, maintain, and support the park for shared-use. We will need your help in order for GROC to organize an effort to open additional parks.

How can you help?

We all want to see more trails move to shared-use status but there is a lot of work that goes into developing, managing and maintaining trails. Before we can consider new trails, we need to be able to support and maintain the ones we have access to today. The quality of our trails has a direct impact on being able to open additional parks for off-road cycling. So what can you do? GROC needs more than just the volunteers who show up to trail work days. WE NEED LEADERS. Leaders are GROC members who adopt a park they are interested in to take on the role of organizing volunteers for work parties and working with the land managers as GROC's representative.

If you live near a park where you would like to see trails opened for off-road cycling then please consider contacting GROC about becoming a Trail Crew Leader. Don't worry if you don't have much experience. We can help and train you. We are looking for those who love their local park and want to see it open for shared-use.

Thank you to all the volunteers and Trail Crew Leaders who have been keeping our current shared-use parks in great shape.

Dryer Road Park - Mark and Mary Lee Rosenzweig

West Bay Park - Adam Reitz

Ontario County Park - Pete Landre

Tryon Park - Mark Dunn

Please visit the Trail Crew Meetup website to join Trail Crew or to contact me or any of the Trail Crew Leaders:

Thank you again for a great year!


Jonathan Brown
President GROC


Check out this 10 year video timeline


"It's About Bikes"

GROC sponsored the Kids race and kids area for this weekends Ellison Park Cyclocross race. GROC brings a fleet of Kazam bikes for kids to rip around a miniature cyclocross course. GROC has done the for the last two years and it is always so much fun to watch the kids tear it up like they are racing in the big event. There is an official kids race that happens once a day for the two day event and watching kids from age 4 to 12 run the course will putt a smile on anyone ones face.

The Ellison Park Cyclocross event is put on by Scott Page the promoter and owner of Fullmoon Vista. This year it was the only UCI C1-C2 two-day International Cyclocross bicycle race in New York State. The weekend could not have been any better and the races are so much fun to watch. Cyclocross is growing as a sport faster than any other bike racing category in the US. USA Cycling, cyclocross is officially the nation's fastest-growing two-wheeled discipline: from 32,000 to 110,000 participants and growing and many of the new riders are women and juniors. One of the great things to see at these events is the participation by young, old, male, and female the sport has something for everyone. If your a road or mountain biker or triathlete the range of skills can be applied to cyclocross.

I was talking to Scott Page about the event and he said "It's about bikes, it doesn't matter if its elite racers or the little kids peddling around the kids race course". It struck me that groups like GROC focus our attention on Off-Road Cycling but at the end of the day its about getting people on bikes in any way shape or form we can. Bikes can change an influence communities in a very positive ways. Rochester could be one of the most bike friendly and communities based on its size and vast network of trails around the canals, rail trails, and shorter distances from towns and city destinations.

Rochester seems to have a great many local bike organizations who have there own focus, but we are seeing some progress in our city toward a more bike friendly community. We have seen bike lanes, we have our first shared-use trails in Monroe County, and we see more and more bike events happening around Rochester.

So remember to support biking in all its forms, and get out and try them all !

Jonathan Brown
President GROC

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