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GROC Fleet of Kazam bikes being put to good use

GROC owns a fleet of push bikes from Kazam that we bring to events and encourage kids to jump on and start to learn how to ride a bikes. These push bikes are the best way to teach your child to ride. The can start very young and these bikes teach balance from day 1. Training wheels on bikes actually work against the natural balance skills needed for riding a bike.

Every child I have seen use these bike go from the push bike to peddling a bike with no learning curve, they just jump on and start peddling.

GROC tries to promote biking in any way we can so we have leant the fleet of bikes and helmets to the Child Care Center at Genesee Community College Association in Batavia, New York. Staci L. Williams the director has been thrilled to have such a great activity for the kids and as you can see the gym makes an excellent place to rip it up.




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