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"It's About Bikes"

GROC sponsored the Kids race and kids area for this weekends Ellison Park Cyclocross race. GROC brings a fleet of Kazam bikes for kids to rip around a miniature cyclocross course. GROC has done the for the last two years and it is always so much fun to watch the kids tear it up like they are racing in the big event. There is an official kids race that happens once a day for the two day event and watching kids from age 4 to 12 run the course will putt a smile on anyone ones face.

The Ellison Park Cyclocross event is put on by Scott Page the promoter and owner of Fullmoon Vista. This year it was the only UCI C1-C2 two-day International Cyclocross bicycle race in New York State. The weekend could not have been any better and the races are so much fun to watch. Cyclocross is growing as a sport faster than any other bike racing category in the US. USA Cycling, cyclocross is officially the nation's fastest-growing two-wheeled discipline: from 32,000 to 110,000 participants and growing and many of the new riders are women and juniors. One of the great things to see at these events is the participation by young, old, male, and female the sport has something for everyone. If your a road or mountain biker or triathlete the range of skills can be applied to cyclocross.

I was talking to Scott Page about the event and he said "It's about bikes, it doesn't matter if its elite racers or the little kids peddling around the kids race course". It struck me that groups like GROC focus our attention on Off-Road Cycling but at the end of the day its about getting people on bikes in any way shape or form we can. Bikes can change an influence communities in a very positive ways. Rochester could be one of the most bike friendly and communities based on its size and vast network of trails around the canals, rail trails, and shorter distances from towns and city destinations.

Rochester seems to have a great many local bike organizations who have there own focus, but we are seeing some progress in our city toward a more bike friendly community. We have seen bike lanes, we have our first shared-use trails in Monroe County, and we see more and more bike events happening around Rochester.

So remember to support biking in all its forms, and get out and try them all !

Jonathan Brown
President GROC




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