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Winter Riding & Trail Abuse

There are more winter riders than ever due to the popularity of Fat Bikes and warm El Niño winters in the Northeast, but we must be mindful of the harm that can be done to the trails that we’ve spent so much time to create during the summer.

Yeah it’s winter and that doesn't mean you have to stop riding. Actually once ground frost takes place and it stays cold it is less harmful to a trail than soggy fall or spring riding. Please help take care of our trails and spread the word!

Winter Riding Tips:

  • Ride when the trail is frozen - go early if it is going to warm up.
  • If it is cold and frozen the trail is "dry".
  • If it is wet at the trailhead it will most likely be wet on the trail, let it freeze and try it another day.
  • Stay off thawed trails it takes a toll on the surface.
  • Avoid wet areas, get off and carry you bike, ruts ruin trails.
  • Roots, leaves, ice, snow packed trails…be careful!
  • Dress appropriately, stay warm and layer.
  • Cycling speeds increase wind chill, i.e. frostbite on exposed skin
  • Exposed metal on skin can cause frostbite, watches, key chains, jewelry
  • Bring a cell phone
  • Your camelback and line might freeze. Try to keep it internal.
  • Keep your bike outside before you ride, warm bike = frozen parts.
  • After your ride if you bring the bike inside make sure it dries completely before you take it back outside.
  • Use winter lubricants and grease.
  • When the bike drifts sideways make small corrections rather than over steering.
  • Plastic parts freeze and become brittle, be kind to those parts





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